A dent is in my left breast, what is this? (photos)

I had my breast implants a little over a year ago. I have a dent under my left breast... an I know they fell. This isn't my fault an it's not covered by insurance. Is this scar tissue like he said? There has to be more to this. Would u think it's fair for the doctor to fix it.

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Breast contours after breast augmentation and breast lift

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Dear Denter,Breast contour irregularities are a risk of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.  It may represent scar tissue and is not likely either your fault, or your surgeon's fault.  It is sometimes one of the unpredictabilities of the human body healing process.  Perhaps, you and your surgeon can come to a compromise.  Good luck!

Implant issue

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It is difficult to say for sure, but likely scar tissue.  You will likely have to pay for a revision in this situation.

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