Noticeable Mark on my Face After Upper Blepharoplasty-upper Eyelid Lift?

I was very bruised and swollen from upper eyelid surgery. I had dark marks on my upper cheeks like football players. The mark on the left side went away. The mark on my right (which extends about 1 inch) faded a little, but hasn't gone away and is noticeable to me and my friends. I'm concerned as it's been about 2.5 months since surgery. What could have caused it? How long should I give it to go away or can it be permanent? If it doesn't go away in due time, what treatment options to rectify it?

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Bruising After Upper Eyelid Surgery

Residual bruise may take several months to be taken up by the immune system.  This will get better with time.  If there is residual pigment after a year or so, this can be addressed with several modalities. 

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Upper Eyelid Surgery Bruising

Please remember that virtually every patient who has any form of facial surgery has both pre - and postoperative anxiety. Bruising fits within the category of postoperative fears, but always goes away.  Upper eyelid surgery is a very high satisfaction procedure from both functional and aesthetic perspectives.  From the bruising perspective, please look at vitamin supplements such as Arnica Montana, and Bromelain to help minimize bruising. If you are currently on aspirin or any other blood thinner, Vitamjn E, Fish oil, Green Tea, or any other exotic supplements, you may want to consider discontinuing their use until your situation has improved.

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Bruising post bleph

This is not uncommon and merely represents soem brusing which will go away with time.Heat and massage may help it fade .also I have patients massage vit K cream into the area as well.

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Dark marks on face after blepharoplasty.

Dark marks on face after blepharoplasty. This is probably blood and will go away even if it takes 3- 4 more months. Ask your surgeon.

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Mark on face after blepharoplasty

A picture would be helpful to answer your question.  I'm assuming that because of the extensive bruising after your upper blepharoplasty, that the mark on your upper cheek is a result of that.  Normally, as bruising around the eyes resolves, it heads below due to gravity.  The place that it eventually settles is under the eyes at the top of the cheek.  Normally, discoloration from bruising will go away with time.  Sometimes it can take only days, but in some situations, it may take months.  I would recommend seeing your surgeon to evaluate your progress.  Most likely, the discoloration will dissipate with more time.  If it does not, it is possible that a laser treatment could help.  

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