I woke up from surgery wearing a strap and a sports bra. What is the proper way to wear this thing? What is its purpose? (photo)

I had removal/revision of 600cc saline to 800cc HP Allergan Silicone. I am 3 days post op. I woke up from surgery wearing a strap and a sports bra. I took a shower, removed it and now I think I put it on wrong? What is its purpose? How long should it be worn? Does it help push the implants together for better cleavage? What is the proper way to wear this thing? Thanks!

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Postop dressings

Postop care is like baking a chocolate cake: there are a hundred different good ways to do it but you don't want to use a bunch of different recipes at the same time. Call your Plastic Surgeon and follow his/her instructions to keep the postop treatment consistent.

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Generally speaking if you went from smaller to larger implants, your surgeon is using the strap to prevent the implants from raising up. Essentially using the strap above the breast to push down. I would call the office though and ask for specific directions in its use.

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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Subpectoral strap after breast implant surgery

In general, the purpose of the strap is to hold the implants down and in, so it should go across the top of the breasts. Your surgeon's office should be able to give you specific instructions so please check with them.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Surgical Bra after Revisionary Breast Surgery?

Best to run these types of questions by your plastic surgeon. Remember that he/she knows exactly what was done, how the garment should best be utilized to support the operation that was done, and is ultimately responsible for your care. Advice you receive online may be conflicting/confusing.

Best wishes.

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Bra strap after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. Your surgeon may be wanting to influence the decent of the implants within the breasts over the first six months after surgery as it usually takes several months for the breasts to settle out. I would visit with your plastic surgeon to help guide you on their preferred method of using the band and how long they think it is needed. 

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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