I Had to Have a Perineorrhaphy After my 2nd Tear Healed from Giving Birth, B/c It Healed Wrong, a Stitch Popped?

She had to remove the top layer of skin from each side and bring them back together with more stitches to repair the site. 3 weeks post op now & I still have my stitches. The tear ran down the right bottom side of my vagina. The labia on that side was VERY swollen right after surgery. It's still bigger on that side! I thought it would go down back to normal? Could it be b/c I still have stiches or could her pulling that corner together have made my labia permanently be bigger on that side?

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Asymmetrical swelling after reconstructive perineoplasty

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It's normal for tissue to swell after it's been operated especially if it's being reoperated as in your situation. Since the right side had more work done, it's not unusual to see more swelling on that side. It should improve over time.

Swelling after perineal tear repair

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It can take 6-8 weeks for swelling in the perineum to subside and as long as 3 months for pain to improve.  After about 6 weeks gentle massage should be used to gradually decrease sensitivity.

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