I Need a Perineorraphy Because my 2nd Degree Tear Did Not Heal Correctly. Can I Have Another Baby Vaginally?

I have heard some people say you should not have a perineorraphy until you are done having kids b/c the next delivery could cause scar tissue. Others have said that most people do wait until after done having kids, but it's ok to have another. It won't hurt anything down there. Which is it? When I have my 2nd one, will they be able to repair me again just as well? Thanks

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Childbirth after perineorrhaphy

Vaginal childbirth doesn't cause scar tissue. Vaginal lacerations and episiotomy scars cause scar tissue. So does perineorrhaphy. Scar tissue is formed whenever the body heals from any injury. You can certainly have childbirth after perineorrhaphy, but you can't predict whether you will have a laceration or another episiotomy unless you opt for cesarean to protect yourself completely against any possible damage. You can have repeated vaginal and perineal repairs, but each one causes additional damage that may affect the nerves that control your bowel movements and gas.

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Perineorrhaphy before done having children

After a 2nd degree tear you already have scar tissue unless it was repaired corectly on the spot.  It is ok to proceed with a perinorrhaphy now to not only enjoy the advantages until (who knows when) you have your next child but also it may not necessarily tear again.  Glad to help...RAS

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