I think I lost my belly button. Should I be worried? (photos)

3 weeks post tummy tuck and my belly button looks strange. No foul odor, no draining. I clean it with diluted peroxide and use a, healing cream, is this normal for it to look this way 3 weeks post op?

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Healing Issues

It appears that there is some wound breakdown and darkening of the umbilical stalk.  This can indicate that there is partial necrosis (tissue loss) in the area.   I would follow up with your plastic surgeon.  Discontinue use of peroxide as this may be causing the issue.  Peroxide is known to kill bacteria but it also causes slow wound healing when used regularly and can kill good healing cells as well.   Antibiotic ointment is a better choice for healing and protection in the area.  

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Belly button healing after Tummy Tuck

It will probably heal alright. Make sure you stop using peroxide, your Dr. should be able to write you a prescription for Silvadine. 

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I think I lost my belly button. Should I be worried?

Appears as necrosis of umbilicus. Best to be seen in person by your surgeon for care and possible debridement... 

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Belly button issues

Your belly button at 3 weeks should not look like this. It is difficult from your pictures to tell exactly what is going on. A physical exam would be beneficial. Allow for complete healing and reevaluate your options at 3 months

Earl Stephenson Jr MD DDS FACS

Belly button scarring

Hello azsha,

It appears that you may be having umbilical stenosis: when the scar around the belly button keeps closing in.  If this is the case several options may be available to you.  Your plastic surgeon may choose to inject the scar with steroid injection (kenalog).  This can help stop the process and relax the scar tissue.  Another option is to perform a revision.  This is a minor surgical procedure that creates a larger belly button.  Kenalog injection may be needed in the early process of healing after the belly button revision.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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