I Gave Birth 10 Weeks Ago. My Tear Healed Wrong. I Had a Perineorrhaphy to Fix the Tear Site?

Can I have another kid vaginally, or will I get some freakish scar tissue down there since I had to get a 2nd repair done? Why does my perineum look shorter? I read online that sitz baths help, but my doctor told me NO baths for 4 weeks. I wonder why? The original tear & this repair go to the side. That side of my vagina is swollen. Is this normal for now? It's been 6 days since my 2nd repair. It's hard for me to completely poop right now. Is this because I'm still healing or a sign of trouble?

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Difficulty after reconstructive perineoplasty

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Reconstructive perineoplasty creates temporary swelling near the anus and the rectal wall. This makes bowel movements uncomfortable. I recommend laxatives, prune juice and plenty of water for a more comfortable recovery. Vaginal childbirth after a reconstructive perineoplasty risks re-injury to the area that was repaired. It is difficult to comment accurately on the appearance of the perineum without a photo.

Perineal tear and repair

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At 6 days you should still be pretty sore. Remember: the perineum is always lower than your heart so it will hold on to swelling longer than other areas.  Showers should not be a problem at this point.  Wait a few more weeks and see what your doctor says.

Post-op perineorrhaphy

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Although a photo is worth a thousand words, it seems as though you are experiencing rather typical post-op recovery and healing for only six days out from surgery.  I would make sure to address these questions with your operating surgeon during your next visit or sooner.  Glad to help...RAS 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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