Any Florida Dr's That Do Lower Body Lift with Fat Grafting to Augment Gluteals?

I am searching to find a Dr that does lower body lifts or butt/thigh lift who also will do a brazilian butt lift or fat graft/transfer to buttocks. Is this possible to have both procedures done during one session? I am 45, in good health, do not need the tummy tuck just looking to have butt & thighs lifted with fat transfered to butt. I asked this similiar question but never saw it posted so sorry if this is a duplicate. Prefer Florida but would travel if I have to find the right Dr.

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Here are a couple links to the board certified doctors who are qualified to perform each procedure:

Brazilian Butt Lift
Body Lift

Hopefully this helps!

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Any Florida Dr's That Do Lower Body Lift with Fat Grafting to Augment Gluteals

Thank you for submitting your question.Yes, you can have both procedures performed at the same time.   Select your surgeon by reputation and other people referrals. Look at his credentials. Select a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Make sure you feel very comfortable with your surgeon and see a lot of before and after BBL photos. Request to contact a patient that had the same surgery. Best Wishes

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Body Lift with Brazilian Butt Lift

Hi there-

In carefully selected patients, it is possible and safe to graft some of the removed tissue to the buttocks during certain body contouring procedures.

It is important to note, however, that in other patients this combination would not be safe or advisable in terms of achieving the best outcomes.

The only way to know what your options are, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the options available, is to visit a few surgeons for consultations, as your exam and your goals will really determine your best course of action.

Remember to prioritize your safety and your outcome above all else.

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