So upset. New implants very saggy and wide? (Photos)

I had my 13 yr old saline implants replaced 1 month ago due to a rupture. I received 330cc mp68 saline unders, through nipple. The Dr said he did an internal lift since some of my breast tissue had slipped off the implants after breastfeeding. They're too low, saggy, and I don't even have cleavage, just 2 long lines. I'm embarrassed to wear low cut tops/bikinis now. What are my options?
Updated: FYI, I did not refuse a lift as a lift wasn't even suggested as an option by my board certified plastic surgeon. I believe what he did instead was lower my pocket to better align with my nipple, which was not mentioned to me prior to surgery either. Had I known this was the outcome, I would've glad you chosen a lift. I chose to ask for options here from other surgeons so that I may be better informed when I speak to him regarding a revision.

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Implants are saggy

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A breast lift would reposition your breast and nipple higher and limit how far tissue moves when you lay down. This would allow your implants to be placed higher and closer in on the chest as a result. I am sorry you are disappointed, but it does not mean you still can't get the look you want. 

So upset. New implants very saggy and wide?

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I assume you REFUSED a lift? Thus the result you are unhappy with is a product of NOT doing a lift with replacements.

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