Trying to understand both internal congestion/tenderness issues post Septo-rhinoplasty

Had procedure done 2.5 weeks ago. Absolutely love the result aesthetically even right now with residual swelling. My question is around the inflammatory response internal to my nose and the discomfort. I love my surgeon and can't be happier with the result. But, in my regular checkups, I've told him I'm extremely congested. He probed and said I'm not experiencing any infection but that he did "extensive" tip and septum work. When can I expect this swelling / congestion to subside? Horrible!

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Rhinoplasty Recovery - inflammation

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Blowing the nose for the first two weeks following rhinoplasty surgery should also be avoided. If you must sneeze, do it with an open mouth in order to minimize the irritation to the healing nasal tissues.
Following surgery, ice compresses are used for the first two to three days.Ice packs should not be used as they are too heavy and do not get into the creases of the face. A better option is to use washcloths that have been soaked in ice water. These can then be folded into an inverted ā€˜Vā€™ configuration and fit right into the area that needs the ice pack.They can be easily draped over the nose and contour over these areas.Ideally the ice packs should be changed every ten minutes for maximum results.
A drip pad, or mustache dressing, is also commonly applied after surgery. This is simply a gauze square that serves to collect any drainage from the nose.

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Nasal congestion post rhinopoasty

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It is normal to be congested at 2.5 weeks post rhinoplasty.  FURTHERMORE HAYFEVER AND GRASS ALLERGY SEASONS ARE IN FULL SWING, AND MAY AGGRAVATE THE PROBLEM, IF YOU LIVE IN THE NORTHERN PART OF THE COUNTRY.  My recommendation to my patients is an antihistamine for 6 weeks post up (Zyrtec or Claritin), and Saline nose spray or drops (Ayr).  These should alleviate your symptoms until post op swelling disappears.  If allergies are a large part of your problem, short term oral steroids (Medrol Dose pak) may be indicated.

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