Was this Tummy Tuck performed in a below standard manner? (Photo)

Went to 4 other doctors for 2nd opinions and all were in shock when they saw the c-section still remaining on the abdominal area. They did not understand why my tummy tuck was performed this way. Can I request a refund to have this corrected? Is this a botched surgery??? Help!!!

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Tummy Tuck - Post Op Concerns

Thank you for your question and photo. I'm sorry to hear of your post-operative issue.  It is difficult to say why / how you ended up with this result. Please discuss in-person with your plastic surgeon a reasonable way to have this corrected. Hope this helps and good luck! 

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Tummy tuck and scar

Sometimes the c-section scar is too low to remove when performing a tummy tuck. Hard to say without evaluating you preop.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Would not use that word

Botched, not sure why your surgeon would have done your procedure this way, but at this point you would be best by requesting a refund and finding another surgeon to perform your revision. Obviously your initial surgeon could not meet your expectations(which are valid) the first time, no reason to believe he/she will the second time. 

Was this TT performed in a below-standard manner?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  I can understand your disappointment with your results but without knowing the full details of the conversation you had with your surgeon it is difficult to offer definite recommendations or opinions.  The placement of your incision is not typical of most tummy tucks with a previously existing C-section scar and I would advise speaking to your surgeon about the decicisions made and reviewing your before and after pictures to see how they compare to your consultation requests.  Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Was this Tummy Tuck performed in a below standard manner?

I am sorry to hear about your disappointment after tummy tuck surgery. You will find that this forum is not the best place to receive "standard of care" answers;  this will require much more information than the limited information in your post.

 For example, it will be imptorant to know what you and your plastic surgeon discussed prior to surgery. Did you know that the C-section scar would still remain?

 Assuming your operation was done by reputable plastic surgeon, why not work with him/her  to improve your outcome, when the time is right?  As noted in previous posts, revisionary surgery will need to wait until there is enough tissue laxity about and below the existing scars.

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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