Do I have enough tissue to cover Saline implant without huge cap and rippling? (Photo)

had consultation, & I have a wide breast? I want Saline under the muscle. Doc says I will look natural, & not have a huge wide gap. I tried two diff sizes 300cc & 350cc. I like the larger one but afraid of unnatural results. My goal is to achieve natural looking larger breast without rippling & huge gap. Is this possible? should I stick with 300cc as recommended? Doc said my body can handle larger cc. 5'8", 36 chest, 34 waist, and 44 hips. Also, My breast measured symmetrical at appointment.

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Coverage of Saline Breast Implants in a Slender Female

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If you are slender and without much body fat on the chest, then breast implants should be placed behind the pectoral muscle to look more natural as well as prevent capsule contracture.  However, the lower/outer region of the implant ends up not being covered by muscle, and so you might feel some of the rippling that is a normal characteristic of saline implants.  If the implant is overfilled to the top of its size range, the chance of seeing rippling is minimized.  The size you mention seems reasonable for you, and if you use a wider implant, then I don't think you would have any unusual gap between your breasts.  As a general rule, silicone gel implants have less waviness and rippling than saline implants, and they feel softer and lighter also.  Of the gels, the more cohesive gels, which are firmer, have the least waviness but these tend not to move as naturally as regular gels.  Be sure to discuss all your concerns, questions, and goals with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Implant sizing

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The range you describe is probably good for you.
It would be best to examine you in person to give full recommendations.
Overall, I prefer gummy bear implants as the most natural ones since they are anatomic.
Its hard to tell from your pics, but there may be a gap even after surgery.
This is based on your bodies natural anatomy.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

best of luck!

Dr Schwartz

Cannot tell without exam

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Hello and thanks for your post. I would have to do an exam to answer your question about coverage over the breast implant. As far as sizing:

1) Guiding patients to explore reasonable options for breast implant size, usually two to three similar sizes, which allows the patient to visualize how different volumes affect their breast cup.

2) The best guide for a final breast implant size recommendation is derived using measurements from the patient’s own breasts and chest.

3) When measurements are considered then options for sizes can be presented.

4) I use the Mentor Volume Sizing System of breast sizers to demonstrate how these different volumes will look on a patient’s body.

5) This methods offers good reliability and is simple to use, but is not perfect.

Once you're completely comfortable with a particular size, be sure to tell your PS and I'm sure they will do what they can to fulfill your wishes. Be sure you are seeing a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Best wishes, Dr. ALDO.

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Do I have enough tissue to cover Saline breast implant without huge cap and rippling?

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your photographs U do appear to have adequate breast tissue to cover saline implants placed beneath your chest muscle.  Very generally speaking if your surgeon chose 300 cc based on your breast base width then that size should give you a more natural result.  However if youwould like 350 cc and your surgeon says that this will fit your breast and chest then it should look very nice on you.

Do I have enough tissue to cover a saline implant without rippling?

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Your breasts appear to be close together naturally, so I think you will get pretty cleavage without a big gap. Going behind the muscle will give a more natural appearance as well. Regarding rippling, silicone will decrease the risk of that when compared to silicone. With your height and 36" chest, I would recommend the larger 350cc implant. Good luck with your procedure!

Breast implants

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Thanks for your question.

If you want a realistic look at your final result then I would recommend picking a surgeon with a 3D camera. It will give you a really good idea of what you will look like. Having said that the 300-350 cc implants should both look natural on you.

Do I have enough tissue to cover Saline implant without huge cap and rippling

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Thank you for your question and photographs.  Most of the time when women describe wanting to appear natural, they are referencing the projection that an implant affords. In general for a particular size implant, you can find different "heights" that will affect your projection, as the more projected implants will have a smaller base while less projected implants will have a wider base.  In your case, if your breast is wide, and you would like to appear more natural, look at a moderate, or moderate plus projected implant instead of high projection ones.

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Do I have enough tissue to cover Saline implant without huge cap and rippling? (Photo)

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For sure the 350 cc's would be my recommendation. Best to see more before and after photos...........

Sounds fine

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An exam is needed but you can have a wider inplant in the 350cc range. I would consider a moderate plus and maybe even bigger 400-450cc depending on your goals. Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Implant size and rippling

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Rippling often happens on the lower outer part of the breast when skin from the abdomen or side of the chest is "recruited" to cover part of the implant. This happens when the diameter of the implant is bigger than the diameter of your breast. I'd listen to your surgeon and just think carefully about whether bigger size or avoiding rippling are more important to you. Good luck! 

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