Is the flatness at the bottom normal? I thought going mod plus would have some definition. Will the fluffing go up? (Photo)

I'm flat looking in the middle of my chest? Is this normal? I'm 500cc mod plus. More worried about the definition and flat Ness in the middle?

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This should get better.I suspect you were small and tight and are now under the muscle and the combination of the above have created this look.I would wear a strap above to push down on my breasts to get them to settle faster.

Breast augmentation

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Your result look nice and it is unclear from your description how recent your surgery was. Flatness may be related to your implant selection. 

Postop Breast Augmenation Result

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Thank you very much for your question.  You have a very good result and symmetry.  Post op results depend on where you started.  If you had smaller breasts preop with little tissue, then the postop result will show the implant more especially if you selected a larger implant. The result you are describing is a consequence of using large implants in a small breasted implants.  As the implants settle and the lower pole stretches, the lower pole will look more natural. Discuss this matter further with your surgeon.  Best wishes.

Breast Fullness

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Thank you for your pictures.  I don't know if your implants are going to "fluff".  A before picture would be helpful.  I suspect that you were very small and your skin may not stretch as much as you might anticipate.


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With some implants, time is needed for the skin to stretch over the implant and give the breast more projection.  This varies with patients but you should see more projection over 2-3 months time.  Another option is to change to more projecting implants but this should be a consideration that should wait for now. 

Is the flatness at the bottom normal? I thought going mod plus would have some definition. Will the fluffing go up?

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This is due to you having a barrel chest anatomically. Best to discuss with your operative surgeon in person... 

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