Swollen or Implant Moved? (photos)

I had breast lift revision (left) and scar revision on (R) on 1/6/15. My left breast was saggy, not as tight as my right one and my nipple was to high. My scars were really red and swollen. Today results : very happy, symmetrically everything looks even. Scars looks great!!! BUT there is a little lump under my left breast that I am wondering if this is swelling or if my implant moved when they tighten up. Comparing my pictures from 1/9 and today I see an improvement. YOUR THOUGHTS.

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Knot post op

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I think they look great and that lump you feel may be the implant but it could be a loclaized collection of blood or fluid and should go down with time.Be patient.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen or implant moved?

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At this stage of your recovery it appear as though you have achieved a great early results.  Your breasts will continue to settle and heal over the coming months. If you have ongoing concerns about the small lump you should discuss with your surgeon.  Early irregularities along the stitch lines particularly in the creases under the breasts are very common with breast lift surgery.  Be patient!

Lump underneath breast?

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I think if you are concerned about a lump then you need to ask your surgeon to evaluate it. Best of luck, otherwise your breasts look nice.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Looks good!

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At this point in your recovery you seem to be on the right path.  Everything looks to be healing well and in the right place.

Swollen or Implant Moved?

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Great EARLY result. Allow 3 months healing than ask about these concerns at that time................

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