Would swapping for Moderate Plus give me a more natural look? (photos)

Despite telling my surgeon numerous times that I didn't want big breasts & didn't want much upper pole fullness, he decided to use a high profile implant unbeknownst to me (I chose the 300cc's). I had assumed MP would be the obvious choice, but was devastated to find out 5 months later from another surgeon that I have HP implants in me. I would like to swap them for MP, but my surgeon is charging me me 3k to revise. Is it worth it? Can these ever look natural? I am so upset about this.

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Exchange of implants for breast augmentation

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Looks like you have a good result, exchange for a different shape or size is usually at the full price. 3Gs is very good. I wonder if you will be happy with the slight change with mioderate plus, consider moderate only for less superior fill. Good luck...

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Would swapping for Moderate Plus give me a more natural look?

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My over the internet opinion is your results appear very good. But I doubt the swap would drop you much. The fee is VERY cheap

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