Is this a suture tear? Is it normal to see internal sutures? 1mo post perineoplasty. Infection internal sutures? Swelling(Photo)

I had post surgical hemorrhagic shock not related to my surgeon. After being repacked vaginally, at the ER to stop the bleeding, now removed, the swelling has finally gone down and it appears I have a small 1/4 in gap showing internal perineum sutures. When I rinse with freshwater lukewarm shower, it stings. Can this be restitched at my checkup this week? Should it heal on its own? Should I apply bacitracin? I have to gently separate vaginal opening to see it but I can easy feel it's there.

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Perineal tear

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Dear Ms Tagg:

Sorry to say it can NOT be resutured and it will heal on its own.  The best thing to do is do nothing as the body has a tremendous healing capability.  Bacitracin never hurt anyone unless you are allergic to it.  It will heal

John R Miklos MD
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A small skin separation will heal on its own.

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Restitching doesn't work. The tissue is too weak to hold suture and attempts to resuture will result in a wider opening. Keep it clean and it will heal on its own.

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