Right size breast augmentation? (photos)

Hello!so its less than a month for my BA and i am worried if i have choose the right size.I am 26 years old 54kg 34B and my measurments done by my doctor were 13.He suggested anything from 230 to 280cc(i think high profile,not sure)cohessive gel implants.do you think they are smaller that i would like?i have upload wish photos

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Breast implants sizing for breast augmentation

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Thanks for posting your question. I am happy to try and help you.

There is really no way to accurately predict what size you would like without an examination. During your examination and consultation, you should try on some sample sizes and see what you are comfortable with. This is an accurate approximation of what you would get. If in doubt, go up one size from the one you like. Then the PS can help explain with the size and current condition of your breasts the effects of those sized implants will have on you.

If you have accomplished this step, then trust your plastic surgeons advice as to what would be the best size for you. They have the experience. If you are uncomfortable, go on another consultation.

BTW: you will have a fantastic result.:)

Best wishes,

Dr. Michael J. Brown
Northern Virginia Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation candidate, some advices:

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Thank you very much for enquire.
After having analyzed all the information and photos provided to us, I realize that you have very small breasts. In this regard, you need volume.
I recommend you to use microtexturized highly cohesive silicon implant ("gummy bear" implants), with high projection, and 300-350ml will be excelent on you, to fill the breasts properly.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 372 reviews

Right size breast augmentation?

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To achieve the desired breast appearance shown you will definitely require implants larger than 230 to 280 cc. Based on your 13 cm breast width and the photos shown I would suspect implants in the 400 to 450cc range would achieve your goals. I would also recommend round cohesive gel implants placed beneath the pec muscles to further achieve your "wish" appearance and provide you with the fewest potential problems as time goes on. Also, choose your surgeon carefully through recommendations and research. Best of luck!

Breasts implants size

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Dear Leah.
 Thanks for submitting your breasts picture and your goal pictures. From observing the pictures, you appear to be small A cup. In my 28 years of practice, I noticed that many women over estimate their breasts size due to 'Victoria secrets' who makes the bras smaller so women feel better about their breasts size. 
 Since your present picture appears to be 34 small A cup and your goal pictures appear to be full C or small D cup, to become 34 small D cup , you will need implants with a volume of 450 cc. 
  For optimal result, I would recommend smooth, round moderate profile saline implants made by Mentor and inserted through a sub areola incision. This approach will give you minimal scar and very nice cleavage, since it can be done under direct vision and feel. The sub mammary fold incision is too far.
  Clearly, not all results are the same , because  experience and skills are paramount for optimal outcome. So, do your due diligence and choose wisely.
 Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who operate in accredited surgery center for your safety. Check the before ans after pictures to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive.
               Best of luck,
                                  Dr Widder


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from the photos of you and your wish boobs, these are very helpful. i think you need at least 375 to 450 to achieve your desired results. remember, if there is a complaint about BA, it is " i wish i was a little bit bigger". for you a moderate plus would be fine, especially with a 13 measurement. you will get a very nice result.

Right size breast augmentation

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Thank you for the photos they are very helpful.
There a several measurements one takes in order to choose the correct size implants. But this need to be confirmed with what the patient wants and what her expectations are.
Looking at your wish pics it seems that the chosen implant size might be on the small side. 
Try showing your wish pics to your PS and discussing breast size one more time. 
Best of luck on your decision,
Dr. Miguel Mota

Miguel Mota, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 61 reviews

Right size breast augmentation?

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I appreciate your question.

The size of implant best for you is dictated by your chest wall measurements. Once we determine that we can choose the profile based on what you want or need to achieve.  If you are seeking a natural look, then the diameter of the implant should be equal to or, more ideally, smaller than the width of your breast. The breast width is a measurement of how wide your breast is at the base, which should be measured at the level of the nipple. Choosing an implant that is smaller in diameter than your breast width will avoid the "side breast" fullness that is often associated with a more artificial appearance. Other than that, you should choose the implant based on volume, not on the dimensions of the implant.

Silicone will give you a fullness at the top (upper pole fullness).
Silicone implants come pre-filled with a silicone gel and are the softest implant available. They feel more natural, which makes them a good option for women with less natural breast tissue; but they require a larger incision. It may be more difficult to realize if this type of implant has ruptured, so it is important to monitor them with annual follow-up visits. Additionally, because this implant contains a more liquid silicone (less cross-linked), if this implant should rupture, it will leak only into the scar capsule formed around the implant but may cause some discomfort or implant distortion.

Anatomic gummy bear implants might be a good choice to give you volume.
These highly-sought-after, anatomic implants offer a look that more closely resembles the natural silhouette of a breast, and, therefore, are a very attractive option for individuals seeking a natural-looking, aesthetic primary breast augmentation. Additionally, these implants are an especially excellent option for patients undergoing restorative or corrective breast surgery because they provide more stability, shape, and reduced incidence of capsular contracture. Compared to other types of silicone gel implants, the silicone in the cohesive gel implant is more cross-linked; therefore, should the implant shell “rupture,” it maintains its shape and silicone does not leak.

During your breast augmentation consultation, you should feel the different types of implants available, and try on various implant sizers in front of a mirror to help you to get an idea of how you will look following the surgery. You should also bring pictures of the look you would like to achieve, as well as a favorite top to wear when trying on implant sizers.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Right size breast implants?

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Based on your photos, size recommendations from you plastic surgeon, and you wish photos, you may be somewhat smaller than your goal size. The use of sizers during your consultation may help you determine a more accurate implant size for your upcoming breast augmentation. If you did you use sizers and you feel that they gave you a look that you like, I would not concern yourself over cc's. Thank you for sharing your question and photos. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 178 reviews


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I think that based on the wish pics you show these implants 230 to 280 may not be enough to give the size you show in your wish pics.  Rediscuss with you PS re the size before your day of surgery to be sure that you get what you want.

Ramiro Morales, Jr., MD
Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgeon
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Right size breast augmentation? (photos)

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Only in person trying implant sizers would allow a definitive response. M=y guesses 300 cc HP implants.............

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