Is this scarring due to my skin tone? (photos)

My surgeon stated that this scarring was due to my skin tone and not due to poor suture technique. I have had 2 previous c-sections done by 2 different ginecologist and their suturing was superior to that of this platic surgeon. You could barely see the scars and the funny things is that I had the same skin tone for the c-section. Excuses, excuses for poor results.

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This scar pattern is secondary to the type of suture technique used. Revision with use of buried sutures will make a significant difference.

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Your scars certainly looks immature and over time may improve.  Remember it takes over a year for your scars to mature.  If They are still bothering you, I would consider revision.

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Is this breast lift scarring due to my skin tone?

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Thank you for your question.  I am sorry that you are disappointed with your scars after a breast lift procedure.

Based on the photograph I believe this scarring at you see his due to external simple interrupted sutures.  A scar revision using buried subcuticular sutures could resolve the problem.

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