Do I qualify for hairline lowering? (photos)

I have always been self conscious of how large my forehead is and would like to know what method would work best for me.

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If you are not happy with your forehead and would like cosmetic surgery options it is best to see a doctor in person. You may (

If you are not happy with your forehead and would like cosmetic surgery options it is best to see a doctor in person.  You may (or may not) be a candidate for forehead reduction or hair transplant surgery.

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Hairline Lowering

I'm not sure I understand Dr. Rassman's answer below so I will try to help.  There are several items that we look at when determining if a patient is a candidate for hairline lowering.  One of these would be measurements of your facial thirds which is difficult to do from a photo, but impossible if the lower 2 thirds of your face are covered in the photo.  Other items are forehead size, curvature, etc...   You are likely a candidate to lower your hairline via a hairline lowering procedure.  You should seek an in person consultation to pursue this further.

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Probably a good candidate

It is tough to give a firm answer based on a couple hand-over-face pictures.  There are a few more details that your surgeon will want to ask you before any decisions can be made.  Most importantly, how will your hairline change over time?  Hairline lowering will leave a small scar that will be hidden just behind the first few hairs.  If there is a history of female hair loss in your family this may expose the scar.  If not, hairline lowering is likely the best and fastest way to achieve a natural appearing lower hairline.  You could also have a brow lift performed at the same time.  Hair grafts would be an option if you have a family history of hair loss, though it will not be as natural a hairline and you won't be able to have a brow lift.  See a surgeon who performs both procedures and they help you choose. 

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Hairline lowering

This question should be asked by an expert in this field and then you will get an opinion from an examination rather than from someone online.  See below

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