After pregnancy, my size got from C to DD and end up with capsular contracture. Should I remove my breast implants? (photos)

after having a baby and breast feed my size got from C to DD full and also I end up with capsular contracture on my left breast now for 18 months. Went to my Doc. but he told me we have to remove the capsular and add more water bc they sagging , I totally refuse to get bigger size. Now I wanna remove them complicity bc I hate them they are to big to heavy, but my husband try to convince me that I will regret , I don't have any anther options :(

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Implants after pregnacy

From your photos you are not truly ptotic anbd so I would recommend simply doing a capsulectomy on the hard side and maybe put in silicone if you don't have them already and maybe go down in size a little.

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Options for capsular contracture treatment

Thank you for your pictures. You certainly have other options. One option would be to remove the capsule downsize your implants and have a breast lift. The second option would be to remove your implants, remove the capsule allow for healing over three months. Reevaluate your breast size and shape and then decide whether a breast lift would be appropriate. 

Should I remove my implants?

Thank you very much for your message and photograph. It does look as if you have got a capsular contracture on both sides and if this is the case the best option is to remove the implants together with the capsule.

The capsule is essentially scar tissue around the implant.

An option would be to remove the implants and perform a breast uplift procedure to lift the nipple to a slightly higher position.

This is certainly possible and the resulting volume of your bust would depend on how much natural breast tissue you have.

This is difficult to assess by looking at the photograph but you will get a realistic idea of what is achievable by having a look at some of the videos on our website:

I wish you the best of luck if you do decide to go ahead with surgery.

Best wishes.

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Capsular contracture

How about taking out the implant and capsule and replacing it. You may be able to do a  circumareola lift but it is hard to say from the photos.

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Capsular contracture

There are several issues here.
1: you do not have breast drooping and adding more saline to saline implants does not lift the breast
2; Over filling implants beyond the recommendations of the manufacturer and the size of the implant is not recommended.
3; with explant one needs to  remove the capsule to prevent the possibility of seroma accumulation
4: The decision of breast implant insertion or removal is a very personal issue and is the decision of the patient alone.
5: you need better evaluating and discussion of your present situation and what are your options

Samir Shureih, MD
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