Is picosure a q-switched laser?

I hope this isn't confusing but at my consultation this week I was telling my Dr I want to go with picosure and not a q switched laser (I have a bright green tattoo) after seeing all the reviews on here. She told me picosure IS a qswitched laser. She would use the 755 wavelength. Is that right? I want to make sure I'm paying for the right laser. I saw the machine and it says picosure but I was under the impression pico was NOT a q switched laser.

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PicoSure Is Not a Q-Switch Laser

I think you misunderstood your doctor.  PicoSure is a pico-second (trilionth) laser that can fire at 755, 532 and now 1064 nm.  All Q-Switch lasers pulses are measured in nano-seconds (billionth).

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Picosure and lasers

Yes, it is a form of QUALITY switching or Q switching, however the pulse width is a trillionth of a second. You are in good hands as the 755 is ideal for green tattoos. Dr Davin S. Lim

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