Can I get just outer thigh liposuction or do I need to do inner, outer and sides of stomach? (Photo)

I am relatively small and pretty fit. I have saddlebags in the outer thighs and very skinny hips (so I know I do not need them there), I cannot get rid of them not matter what. My inner thighs are not perfect but I know I can live with them and they do respond to working out. I also have a pretty small waist and flat stomach that gets a bigger if I gain a lil weight but goes away with working out. If I just get outer thighs done, will the other areas I mentioned look more prominent?

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Outer thigh liposuction

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Yes. Get only the area you want treated.
SmartLipo of the outer thigh alone will not make the inner thigh look more prominent. It WILL accentuate the buttock and make this area look more prominent and "perky". Because you are slender I would be very conservative with treating this area. It could be done under sedation or local only without general anesthesia. I would make one small access point in the buttock crease on each side to access the outer hip area. With SmartLipo you will have less bruising and a smoother result than with conventional liposuction.
Don't let anyone talk you into more surgery (more areas) than you are interested in and make sure your plastic surgeon listens to your goals to get you the results you want.

Can I get just outer thigh liposuction or do I need to do inner, outer and sides of stomach?

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    Outer thigh liposuction can be performed by itself if that is what you want.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Thigh lipo?

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You are fit and trim with a nice figure. You do not have large "saddle bags", I would be cautious with lipo of the outer thigh. In my opinion, that area adds an attractive feminine curve to the body and after we treat this, it can square you off and not look feminine. If you do get lipo of the outer thigh, it should be very conservative. Again, this is my personal aesthetic point of view. Careful liposuction of the inner thighs can definitely add to an attractive figure. Take your time in your decision, because once the fat is gone, it is impossible to replace. See web reference for and example. Thanks for sharing.

Can I get just outer thigh liposuction or do I need to do inner, outer and sides of stomach?

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Posted photo are to distance to really see if you need all those areas for lipo??? But you are the final decision making upon exactly what you desire... 

Liposuction of Outer Thighs

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Thank you for your question.

You look quite fit. A minor Liposuction of Outer Thighs as you have described would be adequate and you should not need to do more. As you have said you can improve the other areas with exercise, it is best to have a very focused Liposuction for the stubborn areas only. 

All The Best !


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Liposuction is used to treat problem areas or to change the underlying shape of a figure. Your photographs are not ideal but you appear to be in great shape but have a "square" appearing torso with a slight fullness in the "saddle bag." area.  You should be careful when getting liposuction because you don't want to look less feminine which may happen if  the outer thigh alone is treated.  Treating the "sides of the stomach" or flank areas in your body type may achieve a more hour glass shape to your figure.  Best decide what body shape appeals most to you  and visit a few plastic  surgeons who do a lot of liposuction to come up with a solution that will give you the shape you want.

Liposuction of multiple areas

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Thanks for your question.  As you mentioned from your photos you are already small and pretty fit so it seems like only modest contouring would be required in any of the areas you mentioned.  You could always focus on the areas of greatest concern first, then consider other treatments in the future.  This is just one option - a proper assessment from a plastic surgeon would give more detailed info.

Can I get just outer thigh liposuction or do I need to do inner, outer and sides of stomach?

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If you are primarily concerned with your lateral thigh area- then liposuction of this area would suit you. If your inner thighs trouble you as well, then conservative liposuction of this area would be considered.

How much Lipo to do?

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You should always limit elective procedures to what bothers you , not what others think.That can include we surgeons who are trained to analyse things sometimes hyper critically,and point out other things that could be considered.That doesn't mean they "need to be done" that is up to you,you're the boss.

Robert Savage, MD (retired)
Wellesley Plastic Surgeon

Lateral thigh suction

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Lateral thigh suction does not make any other area look more prominent.
You look like a very good candidate. Liposuction is for localized areas.  

Be sure that your plastic surgeon is willing to take the time and effort to put you in a lateral position lying on your side while you lateral thigh is being treated. Then switch sides.

Treating lateral thighs with the patient on their back is in my view an amateurish unprofessional way of treating.

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