Should I be getting 2nd opinion on treatment of breast aug/lift complications? (Photo)

Two week post-op lift/aug (I think 529 cc?). I use the petroleum sheet covers and nitro-bid, plus a lot of skin has been cut away. My doctor is optimistic, but it may be because I am extremely anxious about what is going on. Is what I'm doing the only solution or do I need another opinion? Am I in danger of losing the nipple?

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Skin losss post aug/lift

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You can nevfer go wrong getting a second opinion.from what i see your nipple seems to be is the skin below the nipple.the key thing now is to get it clean,keep it from getting infected so you don't l;ose the implant and then covering it with a skin graft.

It is never a bad idea to get a second opinion with a complication from surgery

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It is never a bad idea to get a second opinion with a complication from surgery. It is, however, a benefit to see the plastic surgeon in person to get a better clinical look at your breast. At this point, the best strategy might be simple wound care (which you are doing) to attempt to allow the tissues to heal in on their own. Another option would be hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Sometimes a fresh perspective can be beneficial and may give some alternative ideas to consider.

Complications following Mastopexy-Augmentation

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I am sorry for your unfortunate complication.  
Loss of skin in the area you have skin loss is the most common area to have delayed wound healing.  There are options.  I prefer to allow this wound to heal with local wound care.  I think it will give you the best aesthetic long term result.  Close follow up with your surgeon is needed to ensure the wound continues to heal and the implant does not become infected.
Second option is debridement of the tissue and skin grafting.  I do not like this option as it gives a "patched" appearance.  However, it would shorten the time to have complete wound healing.
Third option is replacement of implant with smaller one, debridement and wound closure.  I think this is a reasonable option but you will be trading closed wound for smaller size and more expense.  
It sounds as if your surgeon is opting for the first choice, which is very reasonable.  Keep close follow up with your surgeon.  
If you use any nicotine at all, stop now.  This will further delay your healing.  
Hope your recovery is a quick one.  

W. Bryant Walker, MD
Jackson Physician

Breast Lift Complications

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This a large open wound which is a difficult but known potential complication of this procedure. Keep the area clean with soap and water and use ointment to keep the tissues moisturized between washes. Make sure you are eating plenty of protein for nutrition (eggs/fish/chicken/dairy) so your body has the building blocks it needs to heal. Hang in there, this will get better, but it can be a long challenging process.

Mastopexy aug complication

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The nipple is viable and at this point I do not think you are in danger of losing it.  As far as what to do with the open wound, one option is to do wound care and allow the wound to contract and grow new skin.  This will take many weeks, even months.  Another option is to go back to surgery, remove or replace the implant with a much smaller device, and close the wound with the additional skin available. This would significantly shorten the healing time.  Either way, your this will eventually heal.  

Wound after Augmentation and mastopexy

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Thank you for your pictures.  I am sorry for your complication.  It sounds like your skin loss is being handled appropriately.  Your nipple looks okay in the photos.  I would stick with your surgeon to see this through.

Should I be getting 2nd opinion on treatment of breast aug/lift complications?

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Appears as a wound splitting due to large implant or to tight a inverted T incision closure. Never hurts to obtain a PAID second opinion. Usually the plan is to allow healing by secondary intention.Which could take a few months. I offer advanced PRP + AFSC infusions to speed this healing process. But fee is expensive per each treatment. Please seek good care. 

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