Is this normal progress or lack thereof? (Photo)

I'm 10 weeks post op and haven't seen much dropping. Swelling is slowly going down but my implants are still high. I had an appt. but my PS got "stuck in surgery". The nurse tells me there's progress but other than width I see none. Is this normal for my post op timeframe?

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Postop augment

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it takes a full 6 monthe for implants to drop. stop wearing any type of push op bra and wear something across the top to push them down

Newark Plastic Surgeon

Is this normal progress or lack thereof?

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Thank you for your question and series of photographs.  I do see your area of concern as it appears that your implants are still sitting high on your chest.  I know waiting is very difficult, but only time will determine how quickly your chest muscle will relax and the volume in your implant will redistribute to the lower portion of each breast.  Long-term results after a breast augmentation may not be evident for 6 months or more. 

High implants 10 weeks out from breast augmentation

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From the pictures it looks as though the  implants are riding high.  If they are under the muscle this can be a long term problem.  

I suggest you start wearing a bandeau bra (with an upper pole strap that pushes the implants down) and see your surgeon for photos every two weeks or so to document your progress (or lack thereof).

Too high post op

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Since you are 10 weeks i would wear a bra strap across your top to try and get them to come down some more.They may given some massage and coaxing.

Normal recovery?

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Thank you for posting pre-op photos as well. I would say that this is pretty normal for this stage of recovery. While the changes do slow down after the first two to three months there IS real and continued change for up to a year. Follow your surgeon's instructions and reevaluate them in another two to three months.

Not dropping post BBA

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Thanks for your question and photos. You did not indicate whether your implants are sub-muscular, or above the muscle.  Sub-muscular implants can take longer to drop. I agree that you look a bit high, but it is still early and you may continue to drop. The final appearance  can take up to 6 months to reach. I suggest that you meet with your plastic surgeon and address your concerns. Best Regards.

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