How are nipples reconstructed? How are they right placed? Any risks?

After a modified radical double mastectomies and breast reconstruction with shapeed implants. I'll be having nipples reconstructed. How are nipples reconstructed? With a Flap? What's the best technique? How does PS know wehre to place nipples in the breast mound? Does he/she take meassures to place it correctly? Does PS use mastectomy scar or on the contray he/she avoids mastectomy scar to have better blood supply to flap? Is there any complitations or risks? How is the post-operatory? Thanks

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All good questions.

There are multiple options that are best discussed in person with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

One option that patients with your situation often select is tattooing only, which results in a 2-d appearance that can be quite lifelike from a few feet away in the mirror, which allows you to go bra less without worrying about nipples showing through t-shirt or blouse.  Best of luck.

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How are nipples reconstructed? How are they right placed? Any risks?

Best with you MANY questions to be seen in person so the PS can see the results than determine which potential techniques to offer.

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