Follow-up: Here is a new picture. (Photo)

Is like my breast taking turns on what big two weeks ago it was my left bigger then my right now is my right bigger then my left

This question is a follow-up to "My 250 cc saline breast implants - is this normal?"

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Too early

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You are early in your postoperative period, it usually takes between 3 to 6 months to obtain the final result, you need to be patient and follow with your plastic surgeon for his-her recommendations.


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It appears your breasts are still healing.  You did not state how far postop you are.  Sometimes it takes 6 months until you reach your final results.  If you have concerns discuss them with your surgeon.

Follow-up: Here is a new picture.

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I re read ALL your postings - no before breasts pics posted! So can not be sure what you appeared like?? Best to seek only in person opinions from private practice boarded PSS. 

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