Nerve Palsy: R side of face due to Vitrase injection performed to reverse Restylane in tear trough which caused initial numbness

How can I speed up healing of a damaged nerve caused by an injection? I can't move my face or smile on 1 side. I'm looking for answers on proactive steps I can take to heal the nerve fibers faster. Someone please point me in a direction? I had no initial dental block. Just a derm who now states she has no idea of what to do moving forward. I am alone in finding answers and it's extremely depressing. The first injection was 2.5 weeks ago. The Vitrase was 3 days ago. Numb initially now with palsy.

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Nerve palsy following vitrase injection

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This situation seems unusual. It may be a red herring. It would be safest for you to check in with a neurologist to make sure there isn't another process at the root of this.

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