Why has my stomach skin always been like this since grade school? (photo)

I know I'm overweight and have an appleshape, but i see TONS of women overweight who don't have scrunchy stomach skin like mine. Ive always had this stomach with panniculus, even before my 2 year old son? My stomach looks identical to when I was a child. I think tummy tuck bellybuttons with the scar look weird and so i feel i can never be happy, even losing weight. Why has my stomach always had extra skin, my bellybutton weird, and is there ANYWAY a stomach like this could lose weight and be ok?

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Excess stomach skin

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This is not uncommon.I guess the best answer to your question would be to loose 30  or 40 pounda and see.A tummy tuck with lipo is also a more immediate effect.T  choice is yours.he

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Why has my stomach skin always been like?

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Often times, with excess body fat the skin is affected due to laxity (stretch) causing weakness in the skin which can show any imperfections underneath the skin. In addition, the bands under the skin which cause cellulite (yes you can get cellulite anywhere, even the tummy) are put on additional stretch when there is more fat putting strain on a fixed length band between the muscles and the skin.  You can be happy but you must help yourself get there--no one else is going to be able to do that for you.  You need to work on your emotional happiness first and accept who you are and then the body will come. You have to discipline yourself to maintain a healthy diet & exercise regimen and stick with it permanently.  Once you start seeing the weight come off, you will look and feel better.  Sometimes having a weight reduction surgery such as a lap band procedure can help you if needed.  Occasionally, I will do liposuction for debulking but only in select patients that are on a stable diet/exercise regimen and who have a Body Mass Index at or below 30 to minimize the risk of surgical complications.  Finally, I would absolutely avoid doing a tummy tuck right now. You won't be happy going that route for sure. It is impossible to obtain a nice shape to the tummy with tummy tuck alone when you still have the excess weight on unless you do lipo first then TT later.  Doing a TT alone with the excess fat will just make you look like you have a belt cinched around your hips but the fat above the TT area will still be there. Plus, as you lose the weight the skin will become lax again & a repeat TT will likely be needed. I ask my patients to lose the weight first & be stable at their goal weight to ensure the proper amount of skin can be removed in one operation. Much better that way. Please make sure you consult only with plastic surgeons and/or weight loss surgeons who are board certified and have experience with such surgeries. Good luck and keep your chin up!

Megan Jack, MD
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Why has my stomach skin always been like this since grade school?

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Dr Hughes is correct, aggressive weight lose + exercise will help. Or seek a gastric sleeve operation. 

Why has my stomach skin always been like this since grade school?

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   I think that losing weight will help, but I do think that a tummy tuck would be reasonable option to consider.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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