How can I get rid of this loose skin after having a Tummy Tuck?

Hi how can I get rid of this loose skin after having a tummy tuck its been almost a year since I had the tummy. What can I do will exercises help?

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How can I get rid of this loose skin after having a Tummy Tuck?

Dificult to tell without any picture but maybe you will need a Tummy Tuck revision. Physical examination is necessary so you'd better go to your plastic surgeon and discuss this with him/her.

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Loose skin post tummy

It is hard to tell but generally if you have loose skin all the exercise in the world will not cause it to go down.It will have to be cut away. 

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Loose skin

See your plastic surgeon or consult another plastic surgeon for an examination and second opinion.  You may have continued loose skin that can easily be tightened by a second operation.

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Loose skin

Without photos of your abdomen it is difficult to give an opinion on what exactly would be best for you. Some of the factors that affect skin is age and genetics. As we get older skin doesn't "snap back" as well. Exercise will help you lose any excess fat, but would not necessarily tighten your skin. Did you have significant weight loss after your tummy tuck procedure? The plastic surgeon that did the procedure should be able to give you more specific answers. If you don't feel comfortable going back to them, you could always go to a different plastic surgeon for a second opinion.

Loose skin

Photos can help provide an answer.  If you already have a scar from a tummy tuck, it may be possible to excess redundant skin without additional scarring. 

How can I get rid of this loose skin after having a Tummy Tuck?

It's a little odd to have loose skin AFTER a tummy tuck. Typically the goal is to remove all of the excess skin at the time of the TT leaving a nice taut, tight abdomen. You might want to check back with your original surgeon and see what they recommend or if you don't feel comfortable, get a 2nd opinion from another plastic surgeon.  There aren't really exercises that will adequately tighten the skin.  Depending on the amount of residual skin excess you have it may be useful to try non-surgical skin tightening devices or if significant you may need a revision of your TT. Good luck!

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How can I get rid of this loose skin after having a Tummy Tuck?

I would definatelyvoice my concerns to my surgeon in my follow up visit and see if they can excise more skin. Best to you

Tummy Tuck

The loose skin of the abdominal area should be removed with the tummy tuck procedure.  If you still have loose skin after surgery, then I recommend you give things 1 year to heal and mature fully before deciding if more skin needs to be removed.

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Get rid of loose skin after tummy tuck

You may need an in-office revision of your incision but that is just a guess since there is no photo.
See your plastic surgeon to discuss your concern.

How can I get rid of this loose skin after having a Tummy Tuck?

A revision may be needed, but you would need an exam to make a determination. Find an expert with great reviews and before and after pictures.

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