Do I need a lift with my augmentation and what type of lift? (Photo)

1. Do I need a lift with my augmentation? 2. What type of lift would you recommend for best possible results? 3. I'd like to add a silicone implant of 475ccs (I'm 5'8"). Will this work with a lift? 4. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you!!!!!!!!

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No Lift

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Implant size seems good but in office sizing makes it certain. I would recommend that the implant is placed in a dual plane position using a breast fold incision. 

Just an augmentation

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Hi.  Based on your photos, it looks like your nipple position is quite good.  I think an implant alone will likely give you a nice shape, and keep scars to a minimum.

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Lift at the time of augmentation

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Lift at the time of augmentation

The pictures may be deceiving but your areola looks like its in a good position.
Consider a shaped implant like Sientra and dual plane   to lift the lower breast and nipple up and out.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Do I need a lift?

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You do not need a lift.  A dual plan insertion of an implant will be enough.  A 475 cc implant will increase your breast size quite a bit.  That is fine as long as you know that is going to happen.  Find an experienced plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.  

Do I need a lift with my breast augmentation?

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Based on your photos, you do not appear to have true breast ptosis. I would definitely recommend you avoid having a breast lift. Breast implants alone will provide you with a very nice result. In my opinion (which is based on evidence based data), placing implants in the "dual plane" submuscular pocket would provide you with a very natural appearance and would have the lowest incidence of side effects over the short term and the long term. With the appropriate release of the lower fibers of the pectoralis muscle (in the dual plane submuscular technique) the implants will fully descend into the lower portion of the breasts and round out this area nicely. Implant sizing is ideally based on your bio-dimensional breast and chest measurements as well as your size goals. These issues can only be sorted out in person by you and your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best of luck!

A couple of things may matter

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475 cc implants are not small implants and I would guess would increase your cup size 2-3 full sizes.  It looks as though you have beautiful breasts to begin with, so I would think twice about that large of an impact and the inherent risks associated with larger implants.  You also have to factor what plane the implants are placed in.  While you have "non-ptotic" breasts meaning your nipple is above the fold, it does appear that you have "pseudo-ptosis" and could hold a pencil in your fold.  If your implants are placed under the muscle, those muscle fibers may hold the implant in a position where the bottom won't round out as nicely as if they were placed above the muscle in a subglandular position.  Whichever way you go (larger vs slightly smaller than you are planning and/or submuscular vs subglandular), I would wait on the lift to see if it's even necessary.  Give things at least 3 months to settle and the longer you wait, the better.

Do I need Breast lift with my implants

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Your Nipple Areola Complex is still above your fold. Based on these photos, a Submuscular large implant will do the job for you with much less scaring. Please make sure your surgeon is an ASAPS member who has done a lot of these procedures.


Shady Hayek, M.D.
Beirut, Lebanon

Shady Hayek, MD
Lebanon Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with Implants

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Thank you for your question.  From your picture it does not appear that you would require a lift.  Based on your frame and height, the size implant you are considering may be appropriate.  An examination with measurements taken and breast evaluated would give me further insight on appropriate implant sizes.  This would also depend on the size and look you are trying to achieve.  I do like patients to bring me pictures of a look they like and are trying to achieve. 

Brian Joseph, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 52 reviews

Do I need a lift with my augmentation and what type of lift?

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My over the internet guess is a donut lift with the chosen 475 cc silicone implants would work well. I might just do the implants first to see if after 3 months healing you really needed a lift...

Breast lift is not needed if breasts do not sag

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You do not have sagging and do not need breast lift.  Breast implants alone will serve your purpose. Find a good plastic surgeon

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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