Is there anyway I can go without a lift? Maybe getting bigger implants instead? (photos)

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Implants and the "Lift Effect"

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Breast implants will tend to lift the nipples in most cases because they fill out the excess skin. However, the lift is often modest. Larger implants, and in particular - more projecting implants, will give more of a lift. The question you have ask yourself is whether better nipple position is worth the scars to you. One option some patients choose is to undergo the augmentation first, then see how they feel about nipple position afterwards. 

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Doubting Breast lift

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Thank you for the pictures. If you desire  the best shape possible then I would recommend a breast lift with your augmentation.

Is there anyway I can go without a lift? Maybe getting bigger implants instead?

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So you completely understand even with larger implants you still will be saggy. Even in the 700 cc ranges. But you can do first operation of implants alone to see the effect. Than after 3 months consent for a lifting operation. Yes this will increase the costs but in some patients the option of two surgeries might be better... 

Lift or not

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Looking at your photos you might consider a donut mastopexy to make your nipple areolar complexes a bit smaller and hence lift and then an aug at the same time.You also could go with a much larger implant as well dpending on how big you want to be.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Is there anyway I can go without a lift?

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Placing an implant in a sagging breast ,will result in some lift, however the nipples will still be low
In your case I would recommend a circum-areolar (sub-areolar) lift with an internal  absorbable mesh bra.
This could be done with or without implants

Hilton Becker, MD
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Should have a lift

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Generally speaking your best choice would be a lift.  If you look at pictures of patients who have similar anatomy and see what they look like after implants alone, and you are satisfied with the outcome, and if you absolutely cannot stand the scars associated with a lift, then you could consider an implant.  It is a compromise however, and the outcome will not be very good.  However, you need to come up with a plan that suits all of your goals and restrictions with your plastic surgeon.

Lift is necessary

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Thanks for your question and photo. From what I can see on your photo, a breast implant alone would be a bad idea.  If you were to go under the muscle, the breast tissue would slide off the implant resulting in a double contour deformity (snoopy breast).  If you tried to push a subglandular augmenation, you implant would be low on your chest and your nipples would still be below the highes point of the implant.  To get an optimal result, I would recommend that you consider a lift with your implant.  Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss all of your options. Good luck. 

Do I need a lift?

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Lifts can be done for many reasons, including for establishment a better shape and size to the breasts as well as the areolae.  If you choose to have implants for the Breast expect that the areola will enlarge to some degree.  You may be happy with the size of the areola, but all of this would be discussed in a full and proper consultation by a board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  I would highly encourage this.

Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Avoiding a breast lift

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Certainly patients want to avoid scars as much as possible; however, the fundamental reason that plastic surgeons place scars is to improve contour. You should seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in aesthetic breast surgery (the website is a good place to start). I would suggest that you approach the consultation open minded to the benefits of a breast lift. 

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