Are these keloids scars on my ears? How can I prevent new ones from developing? (photos)

If so will they get any bigger?. I've had them for almost a year but my main concern is that I have on both ears and even piercings over 3 years I think is showing signs of newly developing ones and I dont know what to do about it. Your help would be really appreciated.

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Keloids in my ear lobes

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The keloids are due to your ear piercings, which you should stop.  Usually several injections of cortisone will make the ones you have shrink considerably.  If you have health insurance it may cover the cost.  If a new keloid starts to develop, using imiqimod cream ( an Rx) will often prevent it from developing.

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Scars on ears

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Yes these are keloid scars...and you have a genetic predisposition to forming them wherever your skin is traumatized. First and most important is to avoid injury to your skin including any piercings. This is a problem that you will have the rest of your life and there is no way to get around it. As far as the keloids you already have the best is to leave them alone if they are small; if they are unsightly, large or painful you can have then excised but you will need to have either periodic Kenalog injections or low dose radiation to prevent them from coming back...potentially worse. Most keloids stabilize at a certain size but can at any point continue to enlarge or change shape.

Yes, These are Keloids

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Unfortunately, the photos show keloid scars.  These can grow larger overtime with trauma or irritation. I recommned removing the rest of your piercings.  The treatment is typically a series of injections of steroid and/or 5 fluorouracil (5 FU), followed by excision.

Are these keloids scars on my ears? How can I prevent new ones from developing?

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Initial step remove all the metal earrings and posts! Second try steroid injections. A series of 6 injections every three weeks would cost $2,000 Total... 

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