Why is this implant still painful and high a year after revision? Do I have options to fix it? (Photos)

I had a mastopexy and augmentation 12/2014. I had issues with asymmetry that had not been corrected by the 1st surgery. I had a revision by the same dr in 10/2015. I remain with symmetry issues and now have a whole breast that 'rides' too high and gets an unnatural 'dent' when flexed or manipulated. The breast is painful and sits up in my neck. Is this 'normal'? From the pictures does it appear to have settled in a natural position? The other breast is fine and feels natural.

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Implant issue

You had two different breasts with two different folds to begin with.  Implants only will magnify the difference. You have to be seen in person to be evaluated. Good luck.

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Difficult to tell

looks like you have the shelf bc that is the transition from your implant to your natural breast tissue. A physical exam in person could help shed some light on this issue. Best of luck

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Its difficult to determine what the issue is without a physical exam and a more detailed history with operative details etc.  I recommend consultation with a plastic surgeon, perhaps a second opinion may shed some light on your concerns.  Implants should not be painful and it could be a sign of capsular contracture.

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Implant asymmetry and indentations following revision

I am so sorry that you are having difficulties following revisional breast surgery. It appears that you may have a recurrent capsule contracture that is causing slight implant malposition, pain and irregularities. There is a high rate of recurrent capsular contracture if the same implant was placed at the time of revisional surgery. You may benefit from having a new implant placed in the subpectoral space, but please discuss this with your plastic surgeon who knows you the best.  

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