I had panniculectomy 2 months after a c section. Any suggestions?

The plastic surgeon said it would be fine becuase i wasn't getting muscle work done. Im in alot of pain. I keep reading in heard doctors say you should wait 6 months or more. Should I be afraid

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Pain after panniculectomy

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Without an examination obviously it's more difficult to be definitive.  In my experience, patients have a spectrum of post-operative discomfort after panniculectomy.  While you didn't have any "muscle work" done as part of a simple panniculectomy, the discomfort can be surprising and last longer for some people.  You've had two procedures in the same areas back to back so I wouldn't be surprised if you were more sensitive and tender than anticipated.  That being said, it is certainly worth consulting your surgeon.  There is a lot of scarring and healing that happen in the first 3 months after the surgery and then a process of maturation of the scar tissue so I would go straight to worrying at this point assuming you've recently had an exam by your surgeon.  If you haven't I'd get in to see them.  Hope that helps.

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