I am experiencing contracture in left breast. Should I be massaging my Silimed Textured low profile anatomic implants? (Photos)

I am, 130 lbs and had replacement of my 20 year old silicon implants. Surgery was 3 weeks ago due to capsular contracture and both implants being ruptured. My doctor also recommended a lift and textured Gummy implants. We used 270cc Silimed Textured low profile anatomic implants. My left implant is contracting. Doctor suggested massage; however recently I felt the skin lifting off the implant. I thought massage was to be avoided. What is correct postop care for textured natural hape implants?

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Early contracture with anatomic implants

Hi Krystal

The texturing will help the anatomic implant from rotating.  That said, rotation may still occur and may lead to a malformed breast.  At this point, because of the above, only your doctor will be in a position to evaluate if massage risks would be low enough to make this feasible.  A bandeau (band) may be considered to help push the implant down and stretch out the capsule.

Other things to discuss with your doctor is Vitamin E, Accolate, and perhaps antibiotics.  The first two have been shown to avert capsular contractures, but it is "off label" in the eyes of the FDA.  I have used the protocol with mixed results.  You are still early into your recovery, so the meds may work for you.

One other thing I can think of.  Ultrasound therapy has also been found to be effective.  There aren't many of these around, but maybe your doctor knows someone

Good luck


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Do I massage after breast augmentation revision using textured implants?

Thanks for the question because many patients may choose to revise breast implants that were placed and later exchanged after many years of presence.  It should be asked as to how the revision and exchange was done- was the old scar contracture capsule removed or simply revised by making internal surface incisions into the scar tissue;  was an alloderm substance used to assist in covering the new implant in an effort to reduce the scar( you may have had this used, but it is certainly not always utilized);  did you have drains used for a brief time after the surgery, etc .Your surgeon would be best able to discuss this with you.  I must say that if I use textured implants as replacement implants during the surgery I don't have the patient massage the implants.  This will be unnecessary, and may create more problems than assist in giving a better result.  You can ask your surgeon once again about this, and if you have any continued doubts, it is always acceptable to get a second opinion.

Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I dont recommend massage, linfathic dressage could be an option

Did you have a capsulectomy as well as an exchange? By three weeks of pos op you done get a capsular contracture unless your surgeon just change the implant and didn't do capsulectomy (take out the capsule). Never recommend massages, you should avoid moving around the implant, maybe lifting dressage around the area to improve the swollen. My recommendation is to ask you doctor about your concern and give it time. It should improve is the doctor did what he suppose to do. Regards.

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Capsular contracture

Were the capsules tight before the replacement? Did you have a capsulectomy as well as an exchange? I treat these cases with capsulectomy and placement of an acellular dermal matrix - Strattice for the most part and the recurrence rates are low. In your case I would not massage the textured implants but would check out Aspen Rehab to start

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Massage yo be avoided with anatomic shaped implants.

If you indeed have an implant that is not round, massaging is contraindicated. It can cause rotation, seroma, and capsular contracture with deformity and pain. Discuss this with your surgeon. If you remain confused, get a second opinion with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, preferably with your records so that your second opinion surgeon can determine exactly which implants you have. 

Best of luck to you.

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