Am I healing properly from my anchor lift and implant extraction? (Photo)

Everything seemed good until this past week or so. Now I've noticed my right breast is starting to tuck under and my nipple is pointing down which is completely opposite of my left side.. My left breast is starting to round out nicely, in my opinion anyways, and my nipple has less puckering. Could the healing on my right breast be a serious problem? I had so so many problems with my implants and I really had hoped getting them removed would end my complication streak.

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How am I going to heal?

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Thank you for asking about your breast implant removal and lift.

I totally understand your anxiety. But you recently had surgery so it will take another six months to see your final result. There will be lots of changes during that time. Chances are all will be well but let your surgeon know you are concerned.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD


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It is important to massage the scar regularly to see if it stretches and the contour irregularity improves. If not, you may need a slight revision, removing some breast skin along the inframammary fold scar to correct these contour irregularities.  Many times this can be done under local anesthesia.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Healing after breast implant removal

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At this early stage your breasts look appropriate. Patience is the hardest pill to swallow. Massage and moisturizing the scars is a reasonable treatment at this time. Remember scars get thicker before they soften. See your plastic surgeon for peace of mind. 

Brian Kobienia, MD
Edina Plastic Surgeon
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Am I healing properly from my anchor lift and implant extraction?

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Your concerns are certainly understandable. See if your plastic surgeon recommends massage of the scars.  He/she will always be your best resource when it comes to an accurate assessment, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance. Hopefully as the scars mature, you will notice improved contour (less "tucking in").  Best wishes.

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