Forehead flap revision on side of nose. (photos)

Had forehead flap, nasal hole too small and side is contorted and frontal view is also now contorted. Can anyone recommend a doctor that can do forehead flaps or revisions on former forehead flaps ? Curious if there is anyone else out there that does this work regularly. Please help to suggest any doctors that can do this work.

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Forehead Flap Question

Although the paramedian forehead flap is one of the best ways to reconstruct the nose, it often requires several stages and minor revisions before completion. The photos show a flap that is slightly bulky and could likely be debulked, wit moderate alar collapse.  It also shows slight elevation of the reconstructed ala.  This is a very common distortion in alar reconstruction and difficult to correct completely.  There are many Facial Plastic Surgeons around the country who do a lot of this type of work.  Certainly discuss these issues with your own Surgeon and seek other opinions if you feel it is necessary. 

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Nasal Reconstruction Referral

You did not indicate the clinical reason for undergoing a forehead flap procedure ( skin cancer, trauma, congenital defect, etc ), and the date of your original surgery. Regardless, if you truly want an expert opinion, consider consultation with Dr. Fred Menick, Dr. Gary Burget or Dr. Shan Baker. These physicians are all outstanding, recognized experts who specialize in nasal reconstruction. Best wishes. 

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