Is a chest lift the same as gynecomastia surgery?

I just had surgery done about 1 week ago and the difference is phenomenal but I still see that it could have been made flatter. What I want to know is if the Dr could have just given me a chest lift to appear smaller because although the difference is not as severe as before it is still a lot of breast left. Does the rest come out with weight loss?

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Post operative swelling

It is only a week since your surgery.  I really do not look at the contour of my male patients very critically for at least 12 weeks after this surgery.  Your results are very distorted by swelling so be patient and give it some time.  Generally however, the skin shrinks after this type of surgery and unless you have a very significant amount of excess skin, it will flatten out in time and the excess skin will resolve.

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Is a chest lift the same as gynecomastia surgery?

Thank you for posting your question.  As you are only 1 week post-op, you should expect to have significant swelling.  The swelling can last weeks to months but gradually gets better. Some patients with gynecomastia will do well with only liposuction.  Others have a lot of skin as well as tissue that needs to be removed to treat the gynecomastia.  This removal of skin and tissue is referred to by some as a chest lift.  Be patient and give your body time to heal.  Best wishes.

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Is a chest lift the same as Gynecomastia Surgery?

Thank you for your question.

Please wait for the next few months before thinking of the final results. You still have a lot of swelling and the skin would also contract with time. If you are overweight, you can find a good diet and exercise program to further loose the fat (Exercise of the Chest can began after six weeks and can help you get better definition of the chest). 

All The Best !

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Post op one week

Since you are only one week post op I would sit tight snd still have swelling and the best thing is to be patient at this time.

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Is a chest lift the same as gynecomastia surgery?

Not sure I understand the question?? You did not pst photos! So very hard to advise you over the internet here on

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