Cellulitis, staph and necrotic skin! What can I expect to happen? How bad does it look? Is it reversible? (photos)

Had a BBL revision 3 wks ago for dents. I developed cellulitis from Staph. Ive been to the ER twice and theyre very vague about it. They told me the cellulitis appears to be gone but the skin is necrotic. No one will tell me what's going to happen now or what I can do. Im sick to my stomach with anxiety over this and barely able to function from the depression this has put me in and I need answers about what I can expect to happen. Is there any chance it will go away and my butt will be fine?

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Revision for dents

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it's impossible to say exactly what's going on because the photographs are so zoomed in it's hard to see how big these areas are with respect to your Buttock as a whole.

Having said that, my guess is that you had some depressions or cellulite  and your surgeon probably treated it by putting fat beneath it, trying to expand these areas out.  when this is done, it can cause some damage to the sub dermal plexus, or the blood supply to the skin. This can result in blistering of the skin and in some cases complete skin loss.   this is what it looks like to me – it does not look like an infectious causes at all. 

By looking at the photographs, these do not appear to be complete skin thickness injuries but rather partial skin injuries. Again it's just my guess, but I think these will probably heal up with no problem with some Silvadene cream and some topical wound care.   ...and I'm not surprised anyone in the ER was being vague about this, because I don't think this is that common and not many people know about this. 

I hope this helps! 

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