One breast more sore than the other. Feels like bruise.

I am about 10 days post op and my right breast feels more sore and more pain than my left. It also feels like I have a bruise when I touch the side and underneath but there is no sign of a bruise. Is this normal? I also feel like I get more "zingers" in my left breast top.

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Recovery after breast augmentation

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After breast implant surgery, I advise the patients to take one week off from work.  At that point we take out their stitches and teach them the implant massage technique.  We suggest 5 times per day with the massage and no bra for one month.  The patients may return to work, but may not engage in any strenuous activity.  At one month, the patients start to wear a soft cup bra with no underwire and can start low impact cardio.  At two months they can wear an underwire bra and engage in more strenuous physical activity.  Breast massage continues forever, although only once per day.

Unequal pain and soreness symptoms after BBA

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Thank you for your question.

You are early in the recovery period and you must diligently follow your surgeon’s instructions and take good care of yourself to ensure your body has sufficient time to heal and look its best.

Now it is important for you to acknowledge that not only does every person recover at their own pace while experiencing different post-surgical effects (e.g., some will have no pain, some will have bruising, some will just be tired, etc.), but each breast within the same person also differs in recovery.

In fact, it is not uncommon for breasts to heal and adapt to implants at different rates.

So it is completely normal for you to feel more soreness and pain in breast and not the other.

Other reasons for this could that you had different sized implants placed in your breasts to fix asymmetry, or that you accidently worked out your chest muscles leading to soreness. If you are lifting more weights more than 5-10 pounds this early in recovery, then that can increase swelling, discomfort and pain as well. If you experienced a sudden pull or jerk on your arms (and ultimately your chest muscles), then that may also be another reason for your unequal pain.

Remember to increase the activity level depending on your own perception of how well you feel. Any minute you feel an activity is causing pressure or causing you to feel stretch in your breasts or incisions, then stop the activity at once.

Generally speaking, your pain should be getting better each and every day. However, from my experience.

Your final results will be achieved after 3-6 months, and patience is key.

Please continue to have regular follow-ups with your surgeon to make sure your breasts are healing beautifully. Their recovery instructions should take precedence over all else you read here as they are better informed about your surgical details.

Hope this helps and take care.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation recovery

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It is common in many bilateral operations, including this one, for one side to recover ahead of the left. Not surprisingly the patient identifies the symptomatic side as having a problem when in reality it will recover in time. I tell my patients to expect symptoms such as yours for the first six weeks to three months after their operation.

Breast Augmentation recovery

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It sounds like you are undergoing the common post operative sensations. The breast heal differently so you will have different sensations. If you are concerned plan to see your surgeon in follow up.
Good luck

Breasts are sore after Augmentation

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 Your breasts are different, and thus, you may experience difference in discomfort between the two in the early postoperative period. At this point, is important to note any significant changes between the breasts, especially difference in size or bruising. If they seem to be appear fairly symmetric now, this discomfort is likely normal will go away as you get further out from the surgical procedure. If it anytime you are overly concerned, I would not hesitate to call your plastic surgeon. Good luck.

Erez Sternberg, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for question.Your breasts can heal at different rates. You may feel more pain and zingers in one breast one day and the other breast the next . You are early in your recovery and you are still healing. contact your surgeon with any concerns you ma have. Best wishes.

Asymmetric Sensations

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It is quite common for the breasts to each feel a little different and one will often hurt more than the other. If you see or note any concerning changes, let your Plastic Surgeon know.
All the best

Breast augmentation recovery

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Think of your breasts as sisters, not twins.  They were each operated on individually and will recover differently.  That being said, you do want to report to your surgeon is one breast is significantly more swollen that the other, particularly if it happens quickly.  Continue to follow your plastic surgeon's advice for recovery and keep all scheduled post op appointments.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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One breast more sore than the other. Feels like bruise.

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Always best to see you surgeon in an in person close follow up appointment. Than you can be examined to determine if there is an issue.

Asymmetric pain after breast augmentation

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The symptoms you are experiencing are very common after breast augmentation. Often, one of the first things patient say, is that one breast hurts more than the other. This is totally natural. Eventually, I would suspect you wouldn't have any pain on either side. This zingers you talk about our probably from the bruised nerves healing.

Ira H. Rex lll, MD
Fall River Plastic Surgeon
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