Would I need an breast lift or can I just get an areola reduction on the right side? Costs? (photos)

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Can I just get an areola reduction

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It would appear from the photo that an areolar reduction on the right would be the simplest option to improve symmetry, at the expense of the scar.  The right breast does also seem slightly larger and this may need to be addressed as well.  Perfect symmetry is not possible, but you should be able to get improvement.  Recommend discussing your goals with a Board Certified plastic surgeon with experience in cosmetic breast surgery.

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Areola reduction

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I appreciate your question.

A reduction on one side is reasonable to achieve symmetry.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.  Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery.


Best of luck!


Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



Would I need an breast lift or can I just get an areolar reduction on the right side? Costs?

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Areolar reduction on the one side is probably reasonable based upon the pictures presented above.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Breast Lift or Areola Reduction

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 Candidates for Breast Lift (#Mastopexy) surgery are women who have #saggingbreasts due to past pregnancies, genetics, or aging. Often times the sagging is too great to be treated by implants alone. Women with asymmetric or enlarged nipples or areolae (pigmented areas around nipples) also may be candidates for a breast lift or a modification of a lift. #Asymmetric breast can be adjusted by adding or removing volume.  One side can be tightened more or less than another.


A mastopexy or breast lift operation is designed to improve the shape and position of the breast without reducing their size. It is used for breasts which sag or droop (ptosis). Sagging of the breasts may occur with normal development for some women, or as part of the aging process. Pregnancy, breast-feeding and weight loss are other conditions which increase breast ptosis. Some patients will have a better shape to their breast such as increased superior fullness if an implant is used at the time of mastopexy. The procedure can also be combined with a minor breast reduction to reduce the breast width if desired. The surgery will create an elevated, more youthful breast contour. Also, the procedure will create nipple and areolae of the desired size and at the correct height.

I prefer to use a #shortscar technique, #LollipopScar or #DonutLift” rather than the majority of surgeons in the United States that use an anchor pattern lift which involve more significant scarring.

Costs will depend on several factors: the geographic location, the skill and experience of the surgeon, and operating room and anesthesia fees.  Approximate costs can be found on the Real Self website, Surgery.org, or PlasticSurgery.org.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Breast Lift vs Areolar Reduction

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Very difficult to tell from photos.  Depends on what you want to achieve.  The areola is larger on the right and could be reduced with a periareolar incision.  This may be enough to  get symmetry.  Best wishes.


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Your would do fine with a periareolar skin excision.  This will result in enough of a lift along with some parenchyma removal to obtain adequate symmetry.  

Areolar Reduction or Breast Lift

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To answer your question requires more information about your desires. If you are happy with your breast size and are only concerned with the size of the right areola and the mild droop of the right breast, then all you need is an areolar reductio. Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in breast remodeling. 

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Areola reduction

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Thank you for your question.  You should be able to achieve much improved symmetry with a simple areola reduction on the one breast.  The procedure could be performed in the office setting with local anesthesia with or without sedation.  Consult with one or more board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options.  Best wishes!

Lift or Lift & Augmentation recommended

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It might seem that you only need areola reduction but actually, the beast that has the bigger areola is slightly larger and more fallen and the other has the emptiest upper pole. Therefore I recommend the lift only if you do not want larger breasts or a combination of lift and augmentation if you want to increase and raise.

Kenneth Schimensky, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Would I need an breast lift or can I just get an areola reduction on the right side? Costs?

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your photo and areolar reduction on the right larger size should help your aerialist match and provide an adequate lift to that breast.  Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

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