Breast implants are different after a year? (Photo)

Helli, what is wrong with my breasts? One is a lot higher than the other. The difference is very noticeable in clothes and wearing a bra. What is wrong? Was one of my implants placed wrong? How can I lower the high implant? I am one year post.

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Breasts are at different levels

I would go back to see your surgeon to discuss your very real issues.  If you have pain, you may have a capsular contracture.  Otherwise, a change in the position of the implants (under or over the muscle) may be responsible.

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Breast implants are different after a year? (Photo)

Thanks for asking and posting your pictures.

My opinion is that you have one of this 2 conditions :

  1. Both of  your  Breast Implants where placed over the muscle and the right one  is contracted ; or  
  2. The the left one is out of the muscle.
As you also have "ptosis" (dropping) of the breast, my recommendation is for you to have a  revision surgery to relocate the implants under the muscle and to do a mastopexy (lifting) of the breast.

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Breast implant question a year after surgery I have breast asymmetry

Thank you for sharing your question about breast implant asymmetry a year after your plasticsurgery.  There are many different reasons that could be causing your asymmetry.  You could have the beginning stages of capsular contracture in one breasts -- it could be due to implant positioning or other issues.  Best to meet with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the ASPS and ASAPS.  I hope this has been helpful and wish you all the best.  -Brian S. Coan, MD, FACS

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Breast Asymmetry

Unfortunately your breasts healed differently and now you have this asymmetry.  It could be due to different positioning at the time of surgery but also could occur gradually after surgery as the capsule forms around the breast implants.  I would consider a revision.  Your areolas appeared to have stretched significantly as well which makes a revision difficult with the current size implants.  I would recommend a Wise pattern mastopexy to reduce the size of your areolas and an exchange of implants for a smaller size.  

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Assymetray one year post op

There is no question they are but why.One may be due to the fact that the right one has more encapsulation and has pushed the right one higher.There may be some fluid in the right side whatever I would return to your plastic surgeon and have it evaluated.

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Implant change

Hello, there are many different causes of implant asymmetry one year postop (one may have dropped, one may have become malpositioned or developed contracture, or other issues).  Your PS will be able to do a proper exam and help you determine the cause and solutions.

William Andrade, MD
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Breast implants are different after a year.

It is not possible to give you much advise without pre operative photos as well. One possibility is that you may have developed a capsular contracture on the right breast causing the implant to move upward. It also appears that you likely would have been better off also recieving a mastopexy (breast lift) do to the degree of breast droopiness present. I hope you have discussed these issues with your surgeon. If not please do do. If you are not satisfied with the encounter I suggest you obtain a 2nd opinion. Best of luck!

Jeffrey K. Scott, MD
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Asymmetry of implants

You need a revision surgery to improve the result and position of the implants. See your surgeon or other surgeons 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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