Could one breast be bigger due to more swelling? (Photo)

I had breast lift and augmentation one month ago. Although my breasts were very symmetrical prior to surgery, one is significantly larger now (and much droopier). Is this something that will work itself out as it heals or is there a better chance I will need a revision?

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Assymetry post lift/aug

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From your photos it seems as though you are having some problems with wound healing on the right breast.Since you are only one month there may be assymetry due to swelling but the more immediate concenr is the wound problem with your right breast.

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I would recommend following up with your plastic surgeon as it also looks like you have some wound healing problems/skin slough on the right as well. This may be postoperative edema (swelling) or may be due to something else. The best way to know for sure is to follow up with your surgeon for an evaluation.

James Shoukas, MD
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