Is it possible for me to have full raised breasts without the lift? (photos)

Doctir recommends a lift but I don't want the scars no matter how well they heal.

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Lift vs aug

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You have a left breast that is lower and yourright m be such that your nipple is right at the fold so you could do  a small lift on the left to equalize the level of the nipples and then do a bi   aug.In essence you are putiing air(implant) into the tire(breast) and this will have the effect of lifting it.g

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Breast lift

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Yes, to get a full, rounded shape, you will need a breast lift.

Implants alone (without a lift) will just give you a larger version of what you have now, once the initial swelling goes away.

Is it possible for me to have full raised breasts without the lift?

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NO! You need a FULL LIFTING OPERATION. Sorry. but the truth id most important here.....................

You have the right to refuse

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If you don't want the scars, which is understandable, then do refuse the lift and for implants only, however the nipples will remain as low as the are now, not worse not better, exactly the same, however the breasts will look full and perky.

The lift, notwithstanding, is absolutely indicated for your breasts.

Alejandro Nogueira, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

It exsists a modern technique 5th generation breasts lift-augmentation try it

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this modern technique  you may watch by google  just  click on mastopexy augmentation 5th generation technique  you will surprise  how  this method lifts and fill with a minimun scar into the areola but besides prevents cancer by removing partially  the 50% of upper breasts gland quadrants where normally hit 50% of  whole  cases

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Is it possible for me to have full raised breasts without the lift?

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HI and thnaks for your question. The simple answer is NO. You have a grade 2 ptosis or level of sagginess. Your gland and nipple areolar complex (NAC) is way too low to be corrected with a straight forward breast augmentation. You will require a traditional anchor tye breast lift with the addition of breast implants ( smooth siliocne gels, 300cc or so depending on the ventual cup size you desire).

If you are not prepared to accept the scars then don't have anything done. It will eventually get to a point where your prioities will change and you'll ve a lot more accpeting of the scars. Good luck, Dr.PG

Lift with implants

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Based upon your photos you need a lift with implants. Implants alone will eventually give you a "rocks in socks" look. Ill take it a step further. In my practice most of the lifts without good tissue are getting some support tissue placed - an internal bra of Strattice, Seri or Galaflex mesh. This keeps the implants up high anf I have almost 6 year data on this now. 

Jason Pozner, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift vs Implants

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What has happened to your breasts is very natural. Due to weight loss or pregnancy many women's breasts will deflate over time. The solution is either to fill up the excess skin that you do have with an implant, tighten the skin with a lift, or some combination of the two. An augmentation with an implant will result in less scarring but your breasts will still be lower on your chest. The lift is appealing to some women because it is more natural and does not require an implant, but there is much more scarring involved. A board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in cosmetic breast enhancement should be able to help you determine what will give you the results you're looking for.

Breast Lift with breast implants

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You can get some lift with implants alone, but it appears from the photos that your nipples are slightly below the breast fold. Usually, this means that you would benefit from a vertical (lollipop shape) lift. You are trading shape for scars that tend to fade well with time. Otherwise, if your are completely opposed to the breast lift scars at first, you can always start with an augmentation and, if you have not acheived your desired result, you can get a lift in a second operation.

Jeremy B. White, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Is a breast lift necessary to achieve perky breasts with an augmentation

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Based on your photos, I would expect that a mastopexy (breast lift) would be necessary in order to achieve the full, 'raised' breasts that you desire. Simply placing implants will only give you more volume but the shape will not be improved. In order to achieve a more aesthetic shape, a breast lift will be necessary. 

Antonio Gayoso, MD
Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon
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