Is it normal to have belly button discharge 2 and a half years after a tummy tuck?

Hi Doctors, 4 days ago my belly bottom started hurting me & today it started releasing too much liquid non stop, I had my tummy tuck surgery before 2 years & half !! so why now after all this time??? & its hurting alot also. Thanks

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Oozing 2 years post op

This is not normal but I would venture to say that you may have  a suture working it's way out.go back to your origianl surgeon and he may be able to pluck it out.That's what it sounds like.

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Discharge from belly button

The short answer is that it is not normal. There could be many reasons but a simple explantation could be a stitch that is becoming superficial. You need to have an exam to know for sure. 

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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