Where should I go after having my first hair transplant? (photos)

I had my first transplant last year when I was 19,now I'm 20. its been about a year and a half.A gap has began on one side of my transplant between the transplanted hair and my real hair. I'm just wondering what I should do, I feel like I'm in a tight spot. Should I just let myself go bawled since it already receded a decent amount? Can I laser off the transplanted hair without any side effects? Should I get another one(I'd rather not).I take propecia everyday and use rogaine, but my fam has MPB

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Where to go after your first hair transplant at age 19

Having a hair transplant at age 19 is very early as you do not know your future hair loss pattern. Its also important to not lower the hairline much so that patients don't fall into the situation you are in.  Laser hair removal does work to help correct a hairline that is too low.  We have done this in my practice numerous times for patients seeking to correct poor hairlines.  My recommendation would be to definitely wait and let your hair loss stabilize before committing to another hair transplant procedure.

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You need an exam

First step is to see your doctor or a recheck and go over your results.  If you do not trust your doctor, then you should seek another doctor for a second opinion.  If you've given up on hair transplant surgery and want to shave your head but you are not happy about your hair transplant donor scar, you can consider Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP).   See the video of what is possible.

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Photos 1 year after a hair transplant and I am 20

A 20 year old should never have a hair transplant without at least a one year trial of Propecia. Your biggest enemy is the progressive balding that you might have in the next 5 or so years. The degree of balding that you are showing would suggest that before you undertake a hair transplant, you try the drug finasteride for one year. Get Bulk Measurements of your hair to determine the degree of the progression or if you successfully stopped or reversed the hair loss with this drug you need to get insights into your immediate and long term future. If you are developing a more advanced balding pattern which the Bulk Measurements will show over a one year time frame, then you and your doctor need to develop a MASTER PLAN.

If, for example you are going to develop a Norwood class 6 and 7 balding pattern, patterns which develop well before they young men are 30 years old, you and your doctor must project a worst case scenario before you embark on a hair transplant. . The older you are, the easier it is to predict future hair loss. At 22 years old, it might be difficult if you are not destined to be a Class 6 or 7 pattern, but in your late 20s, the job of predicting is easier.
If you bet on a horse in the Kentucky Derby, you can never be sure that the horse will win until the race is over — likewise, your balding should be predicted and you may be able to predict the final pattern at the age of 26 or possibly earlier with two measurement of your Bulk Test data one year apart while you are on the drug finesteride.. Don't jump to a hair transplant too quickly as you might find out that you might be Class 6 or 7 balding pattern men.

I can't really answer your question directly without seeing you myself. You have many good questions, but hair transplants are permanent and what you have can be reversed at what cost to your looks and your wallet>  That is the question. Maybe you should just shave your head and get scalp micropigmentation and you will look like a young man with a shaved head and look great with this procedure alone. It is almost a sure thing. See the web reference below for good pictures

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I agree with prior doc.  Two best options are laser hair removal or adding more hair.  If you add more hair at this age I would focus on filling the gap but understand you may need another transplant (or more) as you age. Propecia and Rogaine at this early age is a good idea, maybe  even PRP.  Not an easy spot to be in, I know. 

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Hair transplant in younger patients

This is a controversial issue, some doctors do hair transplant on younger patients.   I do not personally like to do hair transplant on younger patients exactly for what has happened to you.  I usually wait until a well established male pattern hair loss is established so that  I could place the hair line accordingly and also fill in the areas that may experience hair loss in the future.  In your case, you need to talk to your doctor to come up with a plan to fill in the areas and keep your native hair.

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Hair transplantation Plan

As you had a hair transplantation at early age it is possible to see further hair loss.On this case I can not be sure if the hair loss is on the transplanted area or native hair that is why I will advice you to check this with your surgeon.
Anyway you will need a second or third hair surgery in the upcoming years.to keep up the hairy look.

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