40 day post op Perineoplasty very hard spot & ridge at closure / vaginal opening. Painful. Would massage help? Heat or cold?

Multiple repairs done. Small tear 3/16in @ Perineoplasty. Cleaning with surgical wash, applying aquafor. Closing well. Issue is I rinse, pat dry after going to the bathroom. Even patting is painful. Can I reduce this hard painful ridge on my perineum by gentle massage? It's not red or infected. But there is the small suture tear that I wouldn't want to irritate. Posterior vaginal repair & rectocele are healing wonderfully. Sutures are internal, still intact. Massage, warm or cold therapy?

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Painful lingering suture at the perineoplasty scar

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The center of the perineoplasty scar at the vaginal opening is a sensitive area because it gets tugged with normal activity. A slow dissolve suture can cause irritation until it dissolves. Rarely do sutures need to be removed especially if there is no inflammation. This should resolve on it's own.

Perineoplasty - hard to palpation

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Dear Kbmtagg:

I have been performing reconstructive pelvic surgery for more than 20 years and what you are experiencing is absolutely normal.  A small tear will heal........the hardness will go away........it just takes time.  The tear usually another 4 weeks and the hardness well that can last 6-8 months.  The best thing you can do is just let it alone. There is not need to for heat or cold therapy. There are no studies that I am aware of that states if you massage the perineum the hardness will dissipate faster.   

All incisions feel firm for months after the surgery.  Your body needs time to heal and it will.

John R Miklos MD
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Will gentle massage help the hard area on my perineoplasty site go away?

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It takes a while for any area of the body to heal after surgery.  The issue with vaginal surgery as compare to other cosmetic surgery such as breast implants is that the vagina is a functional organ.  Trauma on any area of the body that has been operated on - even if its just sexual activity - can cause discomfort.  The good news is the vagina is an area of the body that heals very well as time passes; the function of the vagina is to accommodate not just sex but also the birth of a baby so its a very strong and resilient area of the body.  You should heal and feel better as time goes on.  Massage will not hurt you. Lubrication is a good idea with sex.  Let your sexual life build up over time and don't be too worried.  You will heal. 

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