12 days post op of Breast Augmentation. I have a pulling tugging like pain in my left breast. Is this normal?

Hi , I am 12 days post BA. On about day 4 I started having a burning pain on my left breast close to my chest wall. The pain has now turned in to a tugging pulling like pain aswell. When I lean forword you can see what looks like a dimple or crease in my breast in the aggravated area. I seems to bothersome more toward the end of the day. When I lay down it always makes it feel better. The post op bra deffently seems to make it worse. Should I be worried ?

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Pain post aug

This could be due to soem inflammatory changes in soem of the superficial veins along you chest wall/Heat and soem antiinflammatory's will work.Also go to see your doctor.

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12 days post op of Breast Augmentation. I have a pulling tugging like pain in my left breast. Is this normal?

Have you ten your operative surgeon in person about this issue? Best to use light pain medication or relaxer med to help you get over this healing issue...  

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Concerns after breast augmentation

I would see your surgeon to make sure everything is ok and to make sure that your post op bra fits properly and is the right size. 

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Pulling sensation

There seems nothing serious to concern yourself with.  This may be healing or bit of early scar tissue.  I would recommend visiting with your plastic surgeon for an exam to get a true determination of what this may represent.

Pulling pain 12 days after breast augmentation

The pain you are describing and the appearance of a dimple or divot near the breast bone may indicate that the pectoralis muscle may be the source of your pain.  This muscle is cut to allow the implant to be placed beneath the muscle.  In some cases the muscle is cut higher than it needs to be it is detached from the breast bone.  Please see her plastic surgeon for an exam and diagnosis.

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