May I Have Some Feedback on Venus White 35% for at Home Teeth Whitening?

I have custom trays and want to try a new type of bleaching that would 1) work pretty fast, 2) be good for slightly sensitive teeth, and 3) can whiten my teeth to a high level. If you heard of Venus White 35%. Would you provide any feedback based on my three points? Thank you!

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Venus White 35% for at Home Teeth Whitening?

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There is an ART to teeth whitening. I'm concerned about the advertising of so many products. The art is finding the right product and right approach for YOU.

This is a good whitening gel, but you will absolutely go insane with the amount of sensitivity that will occur if you are sensitive at all now and use this strong preparation!

If you are sensitive at all, then first meet with your cosmetic dentist. Make sure you have the BEST trays possible. 

More than likely he will start you on a de-sensitizing program before you start any whitening.

There is a trade-off between how fast a product or technique whitens VS how much sensitivty it causes.

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