Bruised Mark After Upper Eyelid LIft-3 Questions?

I had ONLY an UPPER eyelid lift about 3 months ago I have a bruise/mark that is greyish in color that I never had prior to surgery. I haven't been in the sun My camera is broken to post a is a vertical line the thickness to what a crayon would draw extending about 1.25 inches down below my eye. Directly after surgery I was VERY bruised. 1-What length of time shall I expect this to go away? 2-If it doesn't, what can it be? 3-If it's permanent, what treatments can rid this completely?

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Bruise 3 months after Upper Eyelid Surgery

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   Sometimes, hemosiderin pigment deposits in the soft tissue and is not broken down.  This produces the bruise or mark.  Most of these resolve over time, but this may take a year or two.  There are not great treatments for this, and time tends to help the most.

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